Wine Tasting



Vinarium is a young winery established in year of 2009. Winemaking technology is based on long tradition and experience of Radošević family, whom joined forces with Bikicki and Šljivančanin family with one soul goal: production enhancement and advancement. They are located in a small village called Bački Monoštor in the area of Srem, Vojvodina Region, Serbia. This small village has the long tradition of wine grape growth, since the time of the great Roman Empire. Roman Imperator Markus Aurelius Probus has contributed in great deal to popularization of wine grape growth and winemaking in this area, he also set the foundation for its further development.

Mister Momčilo Bikicki
B. Sc. Civil Engineer,
General Manager of the Ehting Company,
(whose family is one of the founders of winery) will bring and present Vinarium wines at the 9th UDM conference, on Tuesday the 4th September.