About Conference

The 9th International Conference on “Urban Drainage Modelling” (UDM) will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, in 2012 from 4 to 7 September. This is a Specialised Conference, an IWA event organized by Joint IAHR/IWA Committee on Urban Drainage (JCUD). The Conference is designed to bring together specialists, researchers and practitioners, to exchange experiences, demonstrate present potential, improve the reliability of urban drainage modelling and to set-up the stage for its future developments. Topics are from both theoretical and practical developments and applications and you are strongly encouraged to submit abstracts of papers for the Conference. The International Scientific Committee of the 9th UDM will supervise and help the authors to achieve the high scientific and technological level of accepted papers for both oral and poster presentations.

This is the 9th in a series of international conferences, begun in 1986 in Dubrovnik in former Yugoslavia. Subsequent conferences have been convened in Dubrovnik, Russia, UK, USA, Germany, Australia and Japan. This 9th International Conference marks a return to the original organizers after more than 25 years of successful conferences across the world.

Papers will be peer-reviewed and possibly published in international scientific journals, Water Science and Technology (specifications for the formatting of papers are available on the IWA Publishing website) and Journal of Hydraulic Research. All papers presented at the Conference will be available in an electronic version, while the extended abstracts (2 pages) will be printed in a separate book.

Participants have possibility to attend also one of the four preconference workshops and seminars that are organized on Monday, 3rd September and to relax after the Conference in ancient Roman city of Viminacium on Friday, 7th September where the lecture on ancient Sustainable drainage systems will be organized followed by exclusive Roman-style lunch.