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Poster Presentations First Day    Scheduled for Tuesday (4. Septembre, 18:30)

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A.1 Rainfall Data

Tailored Rainfall Input in Urban Hydrological Climate Change Impact Assessment
J. Olsson, L. Gidhagen

A.3 Pollutants

Settling Efficiency of Urban Particulate Matter Transported by Stormwater Runoff
P. Piro, M. Carbone, G. Tomei, N. Penna
Micropollutants and ecotoxicity monitoring in a large dry retention / detention basin
C. Sebastian, S. Barraud, C. Becouze-Lareure, C. Gonzalez-Merchan, C. Bazin, Y. Perrodin
Effect of intense rainfall events on metallic and particulate pollutant fluxes in a small urban watercourse
D. Petrovic, N. Brion, A. Magnier, M. Elskens, M. Verbanck
Water Quality Monitoring and Treatment in an Experimental Catchment
B. Krunić, Z. Naunović, A. Randjelović, D. Kostić, V. Rajaković-Ognjanović, B. Jovanović, A. Djukić, D. Pavlović, D. Prodanović

B.2 Computational Fluid Dynamic

An assessment of a two-dimensional numerical model of unsteady flow around a box culvert
S. Alhinai, T. Hosoda, H. Shirai, M. Ivetic

B.4 Data Driven Modelling

Developing a New Decision Support Framework for Sustainable Drainage Design
J. F. Chow, D. Savić, D. Fortune, N. Mebrate, Z. Kapelan

C.1 Hydraulic application

Modeling longitudinal and transverse sections of dryrivers passing through the arid areas in order to organize it(Case study:kooshkonar city)
E. Firooznia, S. Mofidi, A. Niazi, G. Azhdari, D. Firooznia
Field validation of an artificial intelligence based sewer pump control system
S. Ostojin, S. Mounce, D. Singerton, J. Boxall
Performance evaluation of SUDSButt, a rainfall attenuation device for retrofit in urban environments
F. Sonnenwald, V. Stovin, N. Campbell, B. D'Arcy
Modelling of municipal drainage and urban channel flooding in coastal city
X. Ren, Y. Xie, W. Wang, S. Zhu, J. Lv, Y. Song, Q. Lv, Z. Yang

C.2 Water quality application

Water quality based RTC using UV/VIS sensors
P. van Daal-Rombouts, J. Langeveld, F. Clemens
Analysis of fat, oil, and grease deposits in sagging sanitary sewers
J. Dirksen, E. Baars, J. Langeveld, F. Clemens
Towards an integrated modelling of urban receiving water bodies: coupling cyanobacteria dynamics and watershed modelling in a tropical urban lake (Brazil)
T. Silva, B. Vinçon-Leite, B. J. Lemaire, G. Petrucci, M. Seidl, B. Tassin, N. Nascimento
Certain experience from design and construction of the rainfall runoff drainage and treatment system at the Gazelle bridge in Belgrade
J. Despotović, J. Plavsić, S. Josipović, V. Zivanović, N. Ivančević, P. Dulić, S. Nikoletic
Stormwater Treatment From Flooding Situation – A Case Study In A Mobile Treatment Unit
S. Biondi


Poster Presentations Secound Day     Scheduled for Wednesday (5. Septembre, 18:30)

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A.2 Field Measurements

Flow measurements in foul sewers: Case study
P. Vojt, M. Dimitrijević

B.1 Hydraulic Modelling

Integrated model of 2D rainfall runoff and 1D sewer network
I. Fraga, L. Cea, J. Puertas
SWMM has become OpenMI complaint
N. K. Shrestha, B. De Fraine, W. Bauwens
Scale Model of a Non-Standard CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow)
D. Starinac, D. Žugić
Predicting Combined Sewer Overflow discharges as boundary condition for oceanographic models
I. Keupers, P. Willems
Integrated modelling for cost effective optimization of the urban wastewater system in the Eindhoven area
L. Benedetti, J. de Jonge, J. de Klein, T. Flameling, J. Langeveld, I. Nopens, A. van Nieuwenhuijzen, O. van Zanten, S. Weijers

B.3 Water Qulity Modelling

Correlation Measures for Solute Transport Model Evaluation
F. Sonnenwald, V. Stovin, I. Guymer
A mathematical model for wastewater modification processes assessment in a stabilization reservoir
G. Mannina, G. Viviani

C.3 Hydrology applications and green roofs

Implementation of Blue-Green Corridors in Urban Environments
D. Skilton, C. Maksimovic, S. Ocha Rodriguez, M. Graham, S. Kelly
Determination of influent parameters on green roof hydrological behavior
D. Ramier, E. Berthier, B. de Gouvello

D.1 Sewer Menagement

Sewer blockage removal by pulse electrohydrodynamics
M. Jevtic, I. Milojkovic, N. Stojnic

D.2 Flood Risk Assessment

Statistical model for pluvial flood damage in lowland areas
M. Spekkers, M. C. ten Veldhuis, M. Kok, F. Clemens
Web-based integrated 1D-2D real-time flood forecasting with PCSWMM/SWMM5: Case studies from Canada, France and Brazil
R. James, N. Peyron, N. Perera, K. Finney, W. James

E.2 Education

A Program for Educating Engineers in the Water Resources and Environmental Management Arena - Five Years of Success
Z. Naunović, M. Ivetić, Č. Maksimović, C. Makropoulos
E-classrooms at Hydrology courses
M. Šraj , M. Brilly