Preconference Workshop

DHI software for urban water modelling (or: MIKE by DHI in urban water modelling)

The Central and Eastern Europe passed a hectic decade in many aspects including those of Hydroinformatics and urban water modelling, too. The introduction of this technology was not easy at the beginning however, it can be argued that the present mathematical models belongs to the standards in the water engineering sector and is becoming more and more integral part of standard project cases. This brings better understanding of the aquatic environment and its processes, allows for optimization of complex system performance and highlights the ecological and societal aspects of the aquatic environment.

The workshop entitled DHI software for urban water modelling seminar is intended primarily for staff of designers, property managers of the urban water as well as operators. The first part of the seminar is aimed at current status of urban water modelling in Central and Eastern Europe, followed by case studies and examples of successful applications of DHI Software in drawing up strategic and conceptual projects for urban drainage, stormwater management, waste water treatment as well as water supply and distribution.

In the second part of the seminar the participants will get acquainted with specific DHI products and solutions for the modelling of urban water, namely MIKE URBAN (both water distribution and collection systems), WEST and Gandalf. MIKE URBAN is the urban water modelling software of choice when the important parameters for model selection are usability, work flow, openness, flexibility and GIS integration as well as physical soundness, efficiency and stability of simulation engines.

MIKE URBAN covers all water in the city, including: sewers - combined or separate systems or any combination of these; storm water drainage systems, including 2D overland flow; water distribution systems. WEST is a powerful and user-friendly tool for dynamic modelling and simulation of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). The extensive state-of-the art model and process library of WEST enables to model and evaluate almost any kind of modern WWTP.

WEST is designed for engineers or professionals who want to simulate processes where physical, biological or chemical processes take place in water. With a mathematical model of a WWTP, it is possible to test any scenario of interest and to track the associated treatment efficiency as well as operational cost. GANDALF is a strong tool for time series data processing, management and reporting. This SW provides a complex solution for processing, control and presentation of large time series data presented in a user-friendly manner.

GANDALF is designed mainly to support monitoring projects and has become a crucial tool used in water management solutions within knowledge-based companies.

The Structure of the seminar - workshop

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 Organizer of the seminar - workshop

DHI a.s., Na Vrsich 5, Praha 10 - Strasnice, 100 00 Czech Republic;

 Responsible person:

Dr. Jan Krejcik, Director, Business and Development Central & Eastern Europe,