Short Oral Presentation


Seassion 3.3    Scheduled for Tuesday (4. Septembre, Room3 at 17:00)

You can see the guidelines for 10min oral presentation here


B.1 Hydraulic Modelling

Performance of auto-calibration algorithms in the field of urban drainage modelling
M. Mair, M. Kleidorfer, W. Rauch
Experimental Research of Sand Wash-off From Urban Surfaces
O. Gabric, L. Hovány, D. Prodanovic, J. Plavšić

C.3 Hydrology applications and green roofs

The Use of Natural Geological Formations to Decrease Storm Runoff
L. Hovány, O. Gabric, N. Jacimovic, D. Prodanovic
Utilizing Stormwater Control Facilities: From Low-Impact Development Approach to Blue-Green Corridors
B. Blagojevic, D. Milicevic, O. Potic
Stormwater Surface Storage Structures in the Urban Planning Documents
G. Sekulic, I. Cipranic, J. Aleksic, P. Vujovic

D.1 Sewer Menagement

Stormwater Guidelines A New Approach Applied In Venice Lagoon
Identification of the information needs for sewer asset management by assessing failure mechanisms
N. Stanic, J. Langeveld, F. Clemens
Integrated planning of rehabilitation strategies for sewers
M. Kleidorfer, M. Möderl, F. Tscheinker-Gratl, M. Hammerer, W. Rauch, H. Kinzel

E.1 Integrated Modelling / Socio Economic Asspects

Integrated social approach - The Ljubljanica river and the Gradaščica river case study
M. Brilly, A. Bizjak, M. Šraj, Andrej Vidmar


Seassion 3.7     Scheduled for Wednesday (5. Septembre, Room3 at 17:00)

You can see the guidelines for 10min oral presentation here

A.1 Rainfall Data

Evaluating the impact of climate change on urban scale extreme rainfall events: Coupling of multiple global circulation models with a stochastic rainfall generator
G. A. PEÑA Castellanos, A. Pathirana

A.3 Pollutants

Characterization of road-deposited sediments in different land-use types in Tehran, Iran
F. K. Parkouhi , M. Tajrishy, M. Kayhanian 

B.4 Data Driven Modelling

Flow Forecasting in Urbanized Catchments with Data Driven Models
L. H. C. Chua

B.5 Uncertainty and Sensitivity of UD Systems

Urban Drainage Simulation Model Sensitivity Analysis on Runoff Control Elements
Ž. Ostojic, S. Marceta, D. Prodanovic, Lj. Jankovic, S. Tomic

C.1 Hydraulic application

Redesign of the Existing Combined Sewer System (CSS) of Novi Sad
M. Stipic, R. Šranc, D. Prodanovic, R. Stefanovic, S. Kolakovic
Reconstruction possibility of existing conventional storm drainage system with inclusion of BMPs elements and resulting effects in developing countries-Case study: Banja Luka, Veseli Brijeg sub-basin
Z. Topalovic, B. Jandric
A multidisciplinary approach to sewage and storm water drainage Case studies of the towns of Pula and Rovinj
T. Uzelac, K. Sošic
Integral drainage approach on case sample of conceptual design of precipitation water drainage in the town of Pula
T. Uzelac, K. Sošić, J. Rubinić, D. Prhat
Sea Level Influence on High Water Occurrence in Coastal Urban Areas – Umag case study
J. Rubinić, E. Žic, V. Travas