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Integrated Urban Drainage Modelling - Rivers, Closed-Conduits, and Overland Flow – How to model the entire system with XPSWMM

Complete drainage system modeling has been a challenging task for many engineers. The difficulty of this task has been largely due to the segmentation of model applicability – one model is good for open channels, but not for closed-conduits; another is for 2D overland flow but includes no 1D channels; a third is excellent in simulating rainfall/runoff, but has limited hydraulic capability; etc. The desire to get the “whole picture”, currently topping the list of modeler’s and regulator’s demands, requires a model capable in all aspects of drainage simulation. The XPSWMM model allows engineers to simulate all types of conveyance along with rainfall/runoff processes. This course will present the methods, tools, and reasoning for modeling rivers, closed conduits and overland flow in one integrated system.


Attendees will have the opportunity to learn modeling concepts and methods.





Colby T. Manwaring, P.E. – President of XP Solutions