International Research and Training Centre for Urban Water Drainage

Books edited and co-edited

1. "Advances in Water Supply Management", Proceedings of the International Conference held at Imperial College on 15-17th September 2003, Maksimovic, C., Battler, D. and  Memon, F.A.
2. "Frontiers in Urban Water Management - Deadlock or hope",  Proceedings of the Workshops held at the UNESCO Symposium, Marseille Tejada-Guibert,J. A. andMaksimovic, C., ed (UNECO/IHP), Technical documents in Hydrology No.45  
3. "Sustainability of Urban Environmental Systems - Code of Practice", Djuric, D., Maksimovic, C., Ivetic, M. and Andjelkovic, I. ed (UZRS, Banjaluka ISBN 86-7440-014-0) 2002.  
4. "Sustainability of Water and Environmental Systems Rehabilitation",  Proceedings of the LIFE International Conference, Maksimovic, C.  and Jaksic, B., ed (UZRS, Banjaluka) 2001.  
5. "Urban Drainage Modeling" , Proceedings of the Specialty Symposium of the World Water and Environmental Resources Congress,  Orlando, Florida, Brashear, R. W, and Maksimovic, C. ed (ASCE, ISBN 0-7844-0583-2, 2001).  
6. "Frontiers in Urban Water Management - Deadlock or Hope" ,   Proceedings of  the UNESCO Symposium,  Maksimovic,  C. and  Tejada-Guibert, J. A. ed (UNESCO, Paris) 2001.  
7. "Developments in Urban Drainage Modelling",  Special Issue of the Water Science and Technology, Vol. 39, Number 9 ISSN 0273-, Butler, D., and  Maksimovic, C., ed (IWA Publishers) 1999.  
8. "Developments in Urban Drainage Modelling", Proc. of UDM'98 Conference, London,  Butler, D. and  Maksimovic, C., ed (Imperial College, London)1998.  
9. "Water Supply Systems - New Technologies", Maksimovic, C., Calomino, F. and Snoxell, J. ed  (NATO ASI Series, Springer, Berlin) 1996.  
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11. "HYDRINFORMATICS '94"  Proc. of the First International Conference on Hydroinformatics, Delft, Holland, A. Verwey, A. W. Minns,  V. Babovic and Maksimovic, C.,  ed (A. A.  Balkema, Rotterdam) 1994.  
12. "Interaction of Computational Methods and Measurements   in Hydraulics and Hydrology"   Proceedings of the Int. Conf. HYDROCOMP '92, Budapest,   Hungary,  Gayer, J., Starosolszky, O. and  Maksimovic, C.,  ed (Water Resources Research Centre -VITUKI) 1992.  
13. "New Technologies in Urban Drainage"    Proceedings of Int. Conf. UDT'91, Dubrovnik,      Yugoslavia, Maksimovic C., ed (Elsevier Applied Science, London) 1991.
14. "Computational Modelling and Experimental Methods in  Hydraulics"     Proceedings of Int. Conf. HYDROCOMP '89, Dubrovnik,  Yugoslavia, Maksimovic, C.  and Radojkovic, M., ed (Elsevier Applied Science, London) 1989.
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