International Research and Training Centre for Urban Water Drainage

Books authored and co-authored


1. Maksimovic, C.,  Tejada-Guibert, J. A.,  "Frontiers in Urban Water Management - Deadlock or hope", (IWA Publishers) 2001. Also published in French  (Translation to other languages in progress).

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12.Obradovic, D., Radojkovic, M., Maksimovic, C., "Primena racunara u komunalnoj hidrotehnici" - "Computer Aided Design of Water Supply and Sewer Systems", (Gradjevinska knjiga, Beograd) 1989.  

13.Ichikawa A.  and Maksimovic, C.,  "Urban Runoff and Its Reduction" (in Japanese) (Kashima Publishers, Tokyo) 1988.

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