Студенти: Flood management – летња школа у Баји, Мађарска

Background: The need for climate and flood risk resiliency has induced changes in water policies in Europe and thus new challenges in water resources management are arising. Integrated  approach and basin-scale, cross-border harmonized water management policies must prevail, and in order to achieve the basin-wide goals, attitudes towards floods and droughts have to be changed. There is a need for an improvement in water-related education and our Institute strives for the use of state-of-the-art technologies in day-to-day monitoring, and for the widest possible application of novel numerical modelling techniques.

Topics: The Summer school consists of classroom lectures, field measurements and processing of measurement results, including theory and practice of catchment hydrology processes from small to large scale, the investigation of runoff from the watershed. Participants will have hands-on field experience in surveying river morphology and discharge as well.

Application deadline is May 5th, 2018.

We can provide accommodation, one meal per day along the Summer School for free. Important personal equipment: raincoat/umbrella; tracking boot/rubber boots; mosquito repellent. Be prepare that you will have to use public transport or your own car in Hungary to travel between the locations of the Summer School, altogether about 150km.

Detailed information: SummerSchoolProgram2018

Истакнуте вести

Одржан 16. Сусрет студената хидротехнике (30.11.2018.)

У четвртак 29. новембра у Свечаној сали Факултета одржан је 16. по реду манифестација Сусрет студената хидротехнике, ове године под покровитељством…

Сусрет студената хидротехнике 2018 (22.11.2018.)

Овогодишња манифестација Сусрет студената хидротехнике биће одржана у Свечаној сали Факултета у четвртак 29.11. од 14-16 часова. Позивамо све студенте хидротехнике,…

Позив компаније HAURATON на презентацију на Сајму вода (13.11.2018.)

Обавештавају се студенти да овогодишњи покровитељ Сусрета студената хидротехнике, компанија HAURATON GmbH, позива све заинтересоване за у среду 14. новембра…

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